Video: Did Savannah Guthrie Flip Off Matt Lauer On-Air? TMZ

As if NBC’s “Today” show needed any more controversy, a new one has erupted over whether Savannah Guthrie flipped off her co-host Matt Lauer on the air. reports: “Matt Lauer definitely got the finger from co-host Savannah Guthrie this morning ... live on 'Today' ... only question is -- which finger?”

The incident took place during a segment about vacuum cleaners in which Lauer joked: "By the way this is the first time Savannah has ever used a vacuum."

TMZ adds: “Savannah apparently thought she was off camera when she fired off a one-finger salute in Matt's direction!”

Guthrie says it was her index finger, and she tweeted that she would prove it with photographic evidence. Meanwhile, here’s the video:

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