MSNBC Reveals What's Up With Ed Schultz, Who Fell Off the Radar After a Flurry of Reports About the Cable News Net's Plans for Him Back in March LA Times

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz was supposed to be the point man for a new weekend lineup at the cable news network, with a flurry of announcements about the channel’s moves back in March, as previously reported. But the network has been quiet about Schultz and weekends for a few weeks now.

Now we know that the network’s plans for Schultz remain on track -- it has just taken a little longer than expected, the Los Angeles Times' Showtracker reports.

“The scrappy host -- who once called Laura Ingraham ‘a right-wing slut’ (he later apologized) -- will return to the MSNBC lineup with a weekend show starting May 11,” the Times reports.

Schultz gave up his prime-time slot earlier this year, with network executives promising he would return by April 1. While that date has come and gone, the plan remains essentially what was reported earlier. Schultz will launch his new show in the 5 p.m. Saturday time slot.

MSNBC will expand the show to two hours this summer. His old weeknight slot was taken over by Chris Hayes, who the Times says "is on the ascendancy."

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Ed Schultz