NBC Show About Cannibal Has Famed Chef as 'Food Consultant' NY Post

An upcoming NBC drama about a cannibal has hired a famous chef as a “food consultant.” The New York Post reports that "Hannibal," based on the cannibal villain Hannibal Lecter, tapped Spanish chef Jose Andres for the job.

The show is about a criminal profiler named Will Graham, played by Hugh Dancy, who is hired by the FBI to track down a killer. Unknown to Graham, the expert psychiatrist they hire -- Hannibal Lecter -- is really the murderer.

Lecter charms the law-enforcement officials with fine food and wine -- which is where the chef comes in to advise the show, the story says. Andres says his native cuisine includes some body parts, such as lungs and kidneys, that Americans don't commonly eat.

On “Hannibal,” the cops who are wined and dined by Lecter don’t realize they’re being served human body parts.

NBC will post Andres’ recipes online after each episode, the piece says.

Jose-Andres.jpgJose Andres