Advocacy Group Irate at MTV Show Over Stunt That Even the Show's Star Admits Was 'Pretty Gross' LA Times

A stunt on an MTV reality show -- which even the show’s star admits was “pretty gross” -- has drawn an angry protest from a media advocacy group.

The Parents Television Council protested Tuesday’s airing of "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life," in which the pop star drank her own urine, reports the Los Angeles Times' Show Tracker.

Ke$ha herself described the stunt earlier this year as "pretty gross" and said she wouldn't recommend it to others, the story says.

The PTC used the episode to make the argument that consumers should be able to buy cable channels a la carte.

"If given the opportunity, I can't imagine that parents would want to pay for a cable network that airs an episode of a pop star drinking her own urine, and that is why Congress needs to take seriously the idea of giving consumers the ability to choose and pay for only the cable networks they want," PTC President Tim Winter said in a statement.

On the show, Ke$ha apparently drinks the urine after a friend touts its health benefits.

“Skeptics might smell a publicity stunt,” the Times report notes. “A clip shows Ke$ha swirling a plastic bottle filled with a clear liquid that looks suspiciously like water, not bodily fluids.”