Ousted 'Smash' Creator Has Harsh Words for the NBC Show Buzzfeed

"Smash" creator Theresa Rebeck, who was ousted during the NBC musical drama's first season, isn't mincing words when it comes to the second season of the show, reports Buzzfeed.

Rebeck responded to a Buzzfeed writer who wrote about what went wrong with the show's first season and NBC's effort to reboot it, according to the story.

Joshua Safran became executive producer and showrunner after Rebeck left, with Safran expected to take the show in a new direction, the piece notes.

After asking that Buzzfeed take down the critical story (which the writer declined to do), Rebeck wrote that "most media reporters would agree that the second season is a complete disaster." She added: “The troubles with a once promising show go far beyond faring poorly in the ratings."

NBC moved "Smash" to Saturday nights, where ratings have continued to dwindle. The show is considered likely to be canceled by the network.

Rebeck suggested that an unnamed source used in the story was being untruthful, and wrote: “If in fact Theresa Rebeck was the problem with ‘Smash’ and the train wreck it became, wouldn’t things have gotten better -- rather than drastically worse -- once she left?”