Syfy Pulling the Plug on Series That Has Been a Fan Favorite Deadline, Airlock Alpha

Syfy will pull the plug on a drama series that has been a fan favorite -- but the show will get a fifth and final season, reports.

The series is "Warehouse 13," which will air a six-episode final season, with production slated to start this summer and the season to premiere in 2014.

The show tracks Secret Service agents as they hunt down magical artifacts, which are often dangerous. The program "always seemed to play second-fiddle to something on the Syfy schedule, even when it was the cable channel's top-rated scripted program," notes sci-fi publication Airlock Alpha.

The article adds: "It still brings in a strong audience. However, it has been recently overshadowed by the new Syfy series 'Defiance,' which indirectly caused 'Warehouse 13' to get pushed to the 10 p.m. slot -- a death slot for a family-oriented show."