Ad Magnate Charles Saatchi, Husband of TV Chef Nigella Lawson, Offers Bizarre -- and Gross -- Explanation for Choking Incident The Sun

Charles Saatchi, the husband of television chef Nigella Lawson, has given a bizarre explanation – and a gross one -- for an incident in which he grabbed his wife's throat at an outdoor restaurant, reports the British newspaper The Sun.

Saatchi claims he was trying to pick out some "snot" from her nose. "Even domestic goddesses sometimes have a bit of snot in their nose. I was trying to fish it out," he said. During the incident, he also jabbed at her nose.

Pictures of the incident surfaced in the media earlier this month, creating a flurry of domestic violence accusations, as previously reported.

Lawson reportedly plans to spend some time in the U.S., where she will film a series called "The Taste" in Los Angeles, the story adds.