John Malkovich Helps Save a Man's Life CBC

Actor John Malkovich is credited with helping to save a man's life in Toronto, where he's starring in the play "The Giacomo Variations," reports the CBC.

Jim Walpole, a tourist from Ohio, tripped and fell, slashing his throat on some scaffolding. Malkovich suddenly appeared and applied pressure to stop the bleeding, the story says.

"The way he was spurting I thought it was the carotid [artery] or the jugular [vein]," Marilyn Walpole, the victim's wife, said.

Malkovich used his scarf to help stop the blood flow.

"I asked, 'What's your name?' He said, 'John.' And I didn't ask the last name 'cause I didn't figure I'd remember it anyhow," Jim Walpole said. He added that he didn't recognize the actor and wasn't sure if he had seen any of his films.