Kickstarter Campaign by 'Girls' Actress -- Daughter of Famous Playwright -- Fails After Being Widely Mocked TMZ

A Kickstarter fundraising effort by an actress who’s one of the stars of HBO’s "Girls" was shut down after failing to reach its goal, reports.

The campaign by actress Zosia Mamet, which the story says was "hugely mocked," closed Sunday after having raised only $2,783, less than 10% of its goal of $32,000.

The effort was from Mamet and her younger sister, Clara, who wanted to raise money to make a music video. One of the reasons for raising the funds for their banjo-and-body-percussion band was for "an excuse to spend more time together."

Some thought the campaign was a prank, given that their father is the famed playwright David Mamet and they earn television-star salaries. Clara Mamet appears on ABC's "The Neighbors."

Because they didn't meet their goal, the pair won't receive any of the money. Their highest pledge was $100, and only 80 people backed the project, with most promising only $1 in support.

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