Video: 'Today' Hosts Not Happy About Being Stiffed by Paula Deen Huffington Post

Matt Lauer and other on-air personalities at the NBC morning show “Today” were visibly unhappy with Paula Deen after the embattled celebrity chef abruptly canceled an interview that had been scheduled for this morning.

Deen was expected to talk about news that surfaced this week about her past use of the N-word, as previously reported.

The Huffington Post, which put up a video clip of Lauer and others at “Today” discussing Deen’s cancellation (see below), reported: “Deen was supposed to be interviewed about the stunning legal deposition that shows her admitting to having used the N-word and to a seemingly never-ending host of other racially problematic things. But she pulled out with no notice, leaving Matt Lauer hanging.”

Here’s the clip: