'American Horror Story' Couple's Violent 'Misunderstanding' Gets Actress Arrested NY Daily News, TMZ

An actor and actress who are a real-life couple in addition to being co-stars on the FX series "American Horror Story" were involved in what is being reported as a domestic violence situation, leading to the arrest of actress Emma Roberts, the New York Daily News reports.

Roberts, the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and the niece of actress Julia Roberts, plays Madison on the upcoming season of the drama series, in which her boyfriend, Evan Peters, stars. She was arrested early July 7 in Montreal after what authorities described as a fight between Roberts and Peters. Roberts wound up being escorted from their hotel room in handcuffs.

Police reportedly showed up at the hotel after guests in nearby rooms called to report hearing a fight. reports that Roberts, 22, was later cleared by a Quebec judge because Peters, 26, did not want to press charges. Peters reportedly received a bloody nose and a bite mark in the incident, the story adds.

A police source told the Daily News: "Officers on the scene reported light injuries to both people. The female suspect was arrested, but no charges were pressed in court so she was released. It is a closed case at this time."

A rep for the couple made a statement Tuesday indicating they're working on moving past the situation and calling the dispute an "unfortunate incident and misunderstanding," the Daily News reports.

The rep added: "The couple are working together to move past it."

Roberts and Peters have been dating since early 2012.

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Emma Roberts