Barbara Walters Is Urged to Keep Jenny McCarthy Off 'The View' USA Today

"The View's" decision to hire Jenny McCarthy as its newest co-host is causing concern among public health groups, who fear that she will use her role to spread misinformation about vaccines, reports USA Today.

McCarthy has blamed vaccines for causing her son, Evan, to develop autism.

"Two dozen studies have failed to find any link between autism and vaccines. The advocacy group Autism Speaks also has said there is 'no connection' between immunizations and the condition," the story says.

The report adds: "About one in four adults said they were familiar with McCarthy's views about vaccines, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll taken in 2008. Of those adults, 40% said her claims made them more likely to question vaccine safety."

The group Every Child by Two, an international vaccination group founded by former first lady Rosalynn Carter, wrote to "The View" producer Barbara Walters urging her to keep McCarthy off the show.

"Children have died due to this misinformation, and those who perpetuate lies for personal gain ought to be held responsible," said Amy Pisani, the executive director of Every Child by Two.

ABC didn't say whether McCarthy will talk about vaccines or other medical topics. She is scheduled to make her debut on the show Sept. 9.

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