How CNBC Turned an Embarrassing Clip Into a PR Fiasco (Here's the Clip) Deadline, Upworthy

CNBC made what's being called a public relations blunder after some of its on-air personalities got a lesson in the banking system from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. reports that the cable channel "looked like a sore loser" after it ordered YouTube to take down the clip on copyright grounds.

In the clip from a "Squawk Box" interview, Warren "forcefully and gleefully" takes on challenges about financial regulation from the network's hosts, the story reports. The clip went viral, with more than 700,000 views after Upworthy and Warren's YouTube site posted it, the piece notes.

The interview is being clled an embarrassment for CNBC, and the channel's effort to squelch it online apparently only added to the embarrassment. Upworthy notes that it's common practice for politicians to post clips of their interviews on TV news outlets.

Columbia Journalism Review called the interview a "TKO" for Warren, who is sponsoring the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act along with Republican Sen. John McCain. The CJR says she made CNBC host Brian Sullivan look "downright foolish."

"No wonder NBCUniversal’s copyright order smelled fishy," the piece notes, adding, "The brouhaha appears to be subsiding after CNBC said that the interview is 'well worth watching' and that it 'has been available to view in multiple locations on since its original posting.'"

Here's the portion of the interview posted by Upworthy: