'Sharknado' Storm Building for Syfy -- Movie's Third Airing Makes History TheWrap

Syfy's "Sharknado" continues to gain momentum. After the initial airing of the TV movie failed to make much of a splash in terms of viewer totals, subsequent telecasts have built on its audience. reports that Saturday night's third airing drew 2.1 million viewers, making it the most-watched original movie encore in the network's history. The movie aired during a "Sharkathon" all-day festival, which also included "Sharktopus" and "Swamp Shark."

As previously reported, the debut of "Sharknado" earned a lot of attention online, but pulled a relatively small audience of 1.4 million viewers. As social media buzz grew in the wake of the telecast, the number climbed to 1.9 million for the first encore.

The movie is now set for a special theatrical release, and a sequel is in the works.

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