Video: 'Big Brother' Host Julie Chen Says Racist Comments 'Took Me Back to the '70s' -- Here Are Some of the Controversial Comments From the Reality Show EW

"Big Brother" host Julie Chen said the racist comments uttered by the show's houseguests and captured on cameras "stung" her and took her "back to the '70s," reports's Inside TV.

Chen, who addressed the issue on her show "The Talk," said it reminded her of being bullied as a child.

"I took it personally," she said. "The really sad part was it took me back to the ’70s when I was growing up in Queens, when I was 7 years old, getting bullied and being called a chink. … The year is 2013! … Then I felt ignorant. There are still people who feel that way?"

The video clip below contains clips from "Big Brother," including remarks that have stirred controversy about racism and homophobia, along with Chen's comments and the reactions of other panelists on "The Talk."