Weird Statue Erected in London's Hyde Park as Monument to Popular TV Drama -- See for Yourself THR

An unusual 12-foot fiberglass statue has been erected in London's Hyde Park as tribute to a popular television drama. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the giant replica of actor Colin Firth coming out of the water is a tribute to the 1995 BBC drama "Pride and Prejudice."

The sculpture portrays Firth as Mr. Darcy at the moment when he emerges from a pond after a quick dip at his estate, Pemberley, the story says. The sculpture depicts that scene because U.K. television viewers recently voted the image as the most memorable in a British television drama.

The sculpture will remain in the Hyde Park's Serpentine for several days before going on a U.K. tour and then settling in at its permanent home in Lyme Park, Cheshire, where the scene was taped.


Colin Firth statue in London's Hyde Park