Why Are 'NCIS' Fans Begging Producers Not to Bring Back Jamie Lee Curtis? LA Times

Now that Cote de Pablo is leaving the CBS drama series "NCIS," fans are begging producers not to replace her with Jamie Lee Curtis, as much of the show's fan base has a dislike of the actress, reports the Los Angeles Times' Show Tracker.

A recent appearance by Curtis helped boost ratings, and producers added to her appearances as Dr. Samantha Ryan, a love interest for Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon. But now fans are worried CBS will bring her back to help viewership for the show's 11th season.

Hiring Curtis to replace de Pablo "would be the stake in the heart of this show," one commenter wrote Wednesday, the story notes.

"What's so bad about Curtis?" the story asks. "According to her many detractors, it all boils down to chemistry. As in, she didn't have any with Harmon."

One online commenter described as a longtime "NCIS" watcher got more specific about the objection to Curtis, writing: "Gibbs is supposed to be able to 'read' people, and to know whether they are trustworthy. Ryan is one of the *least* trustworthy characters this show has ever had. There is no reason why Gibbs would allow himself to get close to someone like her."

The Times piece adds: "The haters aren't just being paranoid. Curtis herself said she'd 'obviously love to' be a regular on the show if the writers could work it all out."

CBS confirmed this week that de Pablo, who played Ziva David for eight seasons on the show, won't be back for season 11, as previously reported.


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