Actor Uses, Er, Loses, His Head: One of the Actors We Remember so Fondly from 'The Sandlot' Arrested for Head-Butting a Cop TMZ, E!

One of the stars of "The Sandlot," Tom Guiry, who played Scotty Smalls in the popular 1993 movie, has been arrested for head-butting a cop, TMZ reports.

The article says, "The story is crazy. We're told Guiry was at [Houston's] Bush Intercontinental Airport over the weekend when a United Airlines employee concluded he was too drunk to fly.

"Law enforcement sources tell us the employee contacted an airport cop, who approached Guiry and gave him two options: a public intoxication arrest, or the drunk tank.

"Guiry then made a terrible mistake -- allegedly becoming belligerent and verbally abusive ... and even threatening the officer. Guiry then allegedly tried kicking the cop in the face and then scored a headbutt."

E! News says it has confirmed the arrest of Guiry, now 31, with a spokesperson for the Houston police department. He says that Guiry has been "charged with felony assault of a public servant."

tom guiry mug shot.bmp(Above) Tom Guiry's Mug Shot (from TMZ)

scotty smalls.jpg
Tom Guiry as Scotty Smalls in the 1993 moive "The Sandlot"