Al Jazeera America to Feature 'Less Opinion, Less Yelling' -- and Fewer of Two Other Things You Are Used to Seeing on Other News Channels THR

Al Jazeera America interim chief executive Ehab Al Shihabi said the new network will have "less opinion, less yelling and fewer celebrity sightings," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Along with fewer celebrities, the network will also feature fewer commercials than its rivals, with only six minutes per hour as compared with "15 to 17 minutes" for other networks, Shihabi said. He added: "We are not infotainment."

Shihabi made the comments Thursday on a conference call with reporters, as the network gears up for its debut next Thursday, the story adds.

The story notes, "Prior to launch, the network has positioned itself as a alternative to CNN and touted unbiased reporting in contrast to partisan-leaning MSNBC and Fox News. The network now boasts a staff of nearly 900 and is set to appear in 49 million households. "

Channel President Kate O'Brian, formerly a senior VP at ABC News, acknowledges that Al Jazeera America enters a "fairly busy media landscape," but adds: "The American viewer is looking for a particular set of things that they just can't find in the marketplace, and that's unbiased coverage, in-depth, quality coverage and telling stories that they don't really hear in any of the news product that's out there right now."

The report notes: "As much as $600 million has already been spent by Al Jazeera Media Networks to launch the U.S. cable news network, sources told The Hollywood Reporter last month."