CNN Veteran Leaving the Network After 30 Years TVNewser

A veteran CNN correspondent is leaving after working at the cable news channel for 30 years. reports that Jill Dougherty is headed out.

Dougherty, who currently serves as CNN's foreign affairs correspondent, previously worked as a White House correspondent and as the network's Moscow bureau chief.

She's leaving the network "to plunge full-time into Russian affairs -- writing, speaking blogging, teaching and traveling to Russia,” according to an email she sent to staff. "When we were 13 years old, my twin sister and I walked into our first Russian language class. I was hooked from the very first ‘Da.’”

Dougherty writes that she recently received a master's degree from Georgetown University, with her thesis focused on Vladimir Putin's diplomacy. She said she will leave the network at the end of the year.


Jill Dougherty