Fox News Moving Daytime Anchor Into Prime Time -- but How Will the Channel Make Room? LA Times

Change is coming to the Fox News Channel prime-time lineup, and the one certainty is that the cable news operation will move "America Live" host Megyn Kelly from her afternoon slot into prime time. But Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes isn't disclosing much about how the network might reshuffle its evening schedule to make room for Kelly, reports the Los Angeles Times.

"Megyn has earned a better time period; she will be in our prime-time lineup," Ailes said Thursday during an interview with Fox News managing editor Neil Cavuto held at parent company 21st Century Fox's investor conference.

Ailes, however, didn't disclose what time period Kelly will secure when she returns from maternity leave.

The comment comes after the Drudge Report earlier Thursday speculated that Sean Hannity would be ousted from his 9 p.m. hour to make room for Kelly.

Ailes declined to comment on the report, calling it a "rumor at the moment."

"Hannity is a brand who many of our viewers love and want to see, and he's probably the nicest guy in the building," Ailes said. "The difference between Hannity and everyone else [at rival networks] is that he's a conservative but he has liberals on every night to argue with."

When Cavuto pointed out that Ailes hadn't mentioned Bill O'Reilly, Ailes joked, "Yup, he's finished. No, I'm just kidding, don't let that out. ... No one is leaving."

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