Gingrich Sets Sights on Moving Media to the Right NY Times

After former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich criticized "the media elite," he's preparing to join CNN's revived "Crossfire" -- a stump from which he says he hopes "to move it to the right," reports The New York Times.

The show, which will return to TV eight years after the original program was canceled, represents a gamble by CNN that an audience exists for a program spotlighting debate between the right and the left. Other hosts include liberals Van Jones and Stephanie Cutter, while Gingrich's fellow conservative is S.E. Cupp.

It's also a bet that the show can juice up CNN's evening ratings, the story adds. Still, Gingrich told The Times that the new "Crossfire" will succeed if only 1% of American viewers tune in.

newt-gingrich-cnn.pngNewt Gingrich