Hollywood Legend Joan Collins Is Livid at 'Partridge Family' Star Shirley Jones -- Here's Why TMZ

"Dynasty" star Joan Collins is angry with fellow television veteran Shirley Jones, with the problem stemming from a recently published memoir by Jones that recounts her first meeting Collins in the late 1960s, reports.

The book says Jones and her then-husband Jack Cassidy were at the home of Collins and Tony Newley for dinner, and afterwards Newley proposed they strip down and watch porn together, the story says.

"It was clear what Tony was leading up to -- swinging," Jones writes.

Collins, 80, is reportedly accusing Jones of libel and insisting the story is inaccurate, the piece says. Collins has also reportedly sent Jones a cease-and-desist letter, demanding that the book be pulled from stores. Jones, 79, is sticking by the story, the piece adds.


Joan Collins