Holy Jiminy Cricket! You Have Got to See This! Miley Cyrus' Booty Shaking at VMAs Shows She's Not in Disney's Land Anymore. Also, See the Shocked Reaction From Will Smith and His Family MTV; USA Today

Reaction of Will Smith and his family watching Miley Cyrus perform at Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards -- this photo went viral:

Will Smith and fmily watching Miley Cyrus at VMAs 2013.jpgAnd here's the main event: Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke:

Some tweeted reaction, as found in USA Today:

"Country star Josh Gracin tweeted: 'Thanks Miley Cyrus. Now I have to explain to my 11 yr old daughter why she no longer can follow your career.'

"And 'Dancing With the Stars'/'Bachelor' alum Melissa Rycroft tweeted: 'I think I'm too old to appreciate the (ahem) new Miley Cyrus....feeling slightly violated...#VMA' "