'House' Actor Sparks Twitter War TheWrap

A former "House" actor waded into a controversy with an online response to some breaking news this week. reports that Kal Penn -- also known for his performances as Kumar in the "Harold and Kumar" stoner movies, generated an angry response on Twitter with a defense of New York's controversial stop-and-frisk policy.

The policy was ruled unconstitutional this week by a federal judge. Penn, who will star in the CBS comedy "We Are Men" and previously served in the Obama administration, sent out a tweet linking to an op-ed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who defended the stop-and-frisk practice.

Critics pointed out that other cities had lowered their crime rates without the controversial practice, while some on Twitter wondered whether Penn's account had been hacked, the story says. Eventually, Penn stopped replying to the tweets and moved on.

kal-penn.pngKal Penn