If You're a Longtime Fan of 'Survivor' but Haven't Watched the Show Lately, Here's a Great Reason to Put It on Your Must-Watch List This Season: Rupert's Back! And That's Just the Tip of the Iceberg. The 'Big Brother' Connection to this Fall's 'Survivor' EW

One of the most popular contestants to ever play "Survivor," Rupert Boneham, will be back playing the game this fall, reports Entertainment Weekly.

As EW reminds us, Rupert "has never won in his three previous outings but did collect a million dollars as the winner of a special fan voted prize given away during the 'All-Stars' season." This go-around Rupert will be joined on the show by his wife, Laura, EW adds.

Says the article, this fall's season of "Survivor" is subtitled "Blood vs. Water," and features "'Survivor' contestants playing with (or, rather, against) their loved ones. Yesterday [EW] revealed that one of those pairs would be 'Survivor: One World’s' Kat Edorsson and her boyfriend, 'Big Brother' season 12 winner Hayden Moss. Now the rest of the cast can be officially unveiled. And that cast will be playing in the most twist-heavy 'Survivor' season ever."

The story continues: "Among the cast of 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' -- which filmed this past May and June in the Philippines -- will be a contestant from the group that started it all, as season 1 player Gervase Peterson returns to compete along with his niece Marissa. He will be joined by three million dollar winners -- Tina Wesson from 'The Australian Outback' (who will be playing with daughter Katie), Aras Baskauskas from 'Panama' (with brother Vytas), and Rupert."

The article also explains that "In a surprise, the new cast also features three players from 'One World' -- which is generally considered one of the weakest 'Survivor' seasons ever. Joining Kat will be Monica Culpepper (and husband Brad) and the controversial Colton Cumbie (and fiancé Caleb). Rounding out the cast are threepeaters Tyson Apostol (with girlfriend Rachel) and the former Candice Woodcock (now Candice Cody, with husband John), as well as Laura Morett from 'Samoa' (with daughter Ciera)."

If you want to read about additional changes in how "Survivor" will be played this fall, please click on the link in our first paragraph above to go to the original EW article, which explains all of those details. One of those changes is that Redemption Island will be back, after a three-season absence.

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