Joy Behar Exits 'The View,' Fires a Four-Letter Shot at Harry Reasoner on Her Way Out the Door NY Daily News

Joy Behar was never expected to go quietly. The 16-year veteran co-host got in one last shot before departing "The View," and she made it count, dropping a carefully aimed F-bomb on veteran newsman Harry Reasoner, the New York Daily News reports.

"Barbara Walters threw Joy Behar a 60-minute going-away party on 'The View' Friday and Behar said thanks by tossing a blunt F-word at an old Walters adversary," the report says. "Behar ended her brief farewell remarks at the end of the show by saying 'something I've been meaning to say on [Walters'] behalf for 16 years: "F--- Harry Reasoner." ' "

Reasoner, who died in 1991, was reportedly unhappy about being stuck with Walters as his co-anchor when Walters broke the gender barrier on the "ABC Evening News" back in the 1970s. Walters has said Reasoner made things tough on her at the time.

"Walters reacted to Behar's comment Friday with a combination of a gasp and a laugh," the report notes.


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