Kathy Bates on NBC's Canceling of 'Harry's Law': 'I think they treated us like s--t!'

One of the most talented and acclaimed actresses of our time, who is both an Oscar and an Emmy winner -- Kathy Bates -- blasted NBC today, Friday, Aug. 2, 2013, reports Lisa de Moraes at

Writes de Moraes, "NBC cancelled 'Harry’s Law' in the spring of ’12, at the end of its second season, even though it was the network’s most watched drama series — because its audience skewed older and Warner Bros owned the show, not NBCU."

Moraes then explains that a critic during a session this afternoon at  the TV Critics Association's tour at the Beverly Hilton hotel asked Bates -- who was at the press tour to talk about her upcoming role on "American Horror Story: Coven" -- about the NBC cancellation.

According to the story, Bates replied, "I think they treated us like shit. They kicked us to the curb. They disrespected us; they disrespected our 7-11 million viewers. I think they’re getting what they deserve this year, Thank you.”