Steadfast NBC Weatherman Al Roker Messes Up -- First Time in 39 Years This Has Happened USA Today

Al Roker, the stalwart weatherman on NBC's "Today" show, slipped up this morning, doing something he says he has never done before, USA Today reports. Roker overslept and missed a show.

"He completely slept though his 6 a.m. early-morning show, 'Wake Up With Al,' on The Weather Channel. It was his first time ever in snoozing through a show," the story reports.

Roker, 58, tweeted: "After 39 years, it happened. I overslept and missed a show."

"He made it in for 'Today,' where he was spotted yawning behind the scenes," USA Today notes.

"Today" veteran Matt Lauer commented: "I tweeted out Rip Van Roker, and I'm getting a lot of tweets back saying a lot of people though it was RIP Al Roker. ... Read carefully!"

Here's a clip from "Today":