Tea Party Group Urges Comcast Customers to Cancel Subscriptions THR

A conservative political group has launched a campaign aimed at convincing Comcast customers to cancel their subscriptions, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In a new video posted online and set to become a TV commercial (see the video below), the Tea Party organization FreedomWorks focuses its anger on MSNBC, and in particular, Al Sharpton.

The group is sending emails to 2.3 million people in an effort to convince them to cancel their Comcast subscriptions as a way to send the company an anti-MSNBC message, the story reports.

"By paying your Comcast cable bill, your money is helping to pay for Al Sharpton's salary," the video says. "Switch your cable provider now."

FreedomWorks calls MSNBC host Sharpton a "known race-card hustler," the story adds. The video will be turned into a commercial that will air in areas where Comcast is dominant.

The email reportedly tells people, "Cable company Comcast owns the left-wing media outlet MSNBC that broadcasts propaganda instead of news … If you have Comcast, tell CEO Brian Roberts you don’t want to pay for propaganda.”

Comcast, MSNBC and NBCUniversal didn't respond to requests for comment, the story adds.

Here's the video: