What Is, Pointing the Finger? Alex Trebek Says Who's to Blame for 'Jeopardy!' Kids Week Incident LA Times

"Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek had a few things to say about a recent incident on the show's Kids Week, which had fans crying foul. Mainly, Trebek said it wasn't his fault, reports the Los Angeles Times' Show Tracker.

As previously reported, eighth-grader Thomas Hurley III's Final Jeopardy answer was ruled incorrect because he misspelled "Emancipation Proclamation," adding an extra "t" to the first word ("Emanciptation"). Trebek told the boy that he had "misspelled [the answer] badly," causing fans to protest that the host had been too harsh with the boy.

"It wasn’t my decision; it was the judges’,” Trebek told the publication. “I don’t mind being accountable if it’s something I have done, but it kind of bothers me to take a lot of flak for something I haven’t done. I must be getting thin-skinned in my old age.”

He added, "After the show I said [to the judges], 'I can understand it, but it’s a little rough.' I thought they may have ruled a little harshly, but they ruled according to the rules of the game. They made a valid point, and I can understand that.”

Click here to see the video of the incident.