Wow: Why Critics Hate a New Fox Show -- and Why That Means It Could Be a Hit Deadline

A new Fox series got a strong reaction from critics, who appear to generally hate the show, based on the "thwapping" it received Thursday at the Television Critics Association press tour. But that could be a good sign for the popularity of the series, the comedy "Dads," writes Lisa de Moraes at

"It was the kind of brawl the tour hasn’t seen since the '2 Broke Girls' Q&A back in that sitcom’s first season -- and we all know what a hit that turned out to be for CBS," de Moraes writes.

The problem with "Dads" is its apparently racist humor, the story notes. The program stars Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as childhood friends and business partners whose dads, played by Martin Mull and Peter Riegert, move in with them.

The dads "provide lines like asking their son if he’s watching 'Punch the Puerto Rican' when they see a boxing match on TV," the story notes.

"But it’s not left to just the actors in Dumbass Old Guy roles to provide the show’s racist humor, a la 'All In The Family.' Green and Ribisi’s characters tell their Asian female staffer, played by Brenda Song, to dress up as a sexy Asian schoolgirl to impress Chinese clients," de Moraes writes.

"Mostly [creators] Mike Scully, Wellesley Wild and Alec Sulkin let the TV critics take whacks at them without putting up much of a fight," she notes, but the actors defended the show.

“I’ve never done anything in 43 years that somebody didn’t find offensive,” Riegert said.

Green added, "Just to be fair, this is a disparaging portrayal of white men."

Song, the actress who was at the center of the Asian schoolgirl outfit controversy, said that when she saw the scene in the script, she told herself, "All right, Brenda, this is your job."

In defending the writing, she said she has been known to use "I’m Asian -- I’m really good at math” jokes, and sometimes when men hit on her, she has used the line, “Ah, sorry. I no speak English.”


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