Emmy Tributes to Fallen Stars: Bad Idea? Another Dead Actor's Son Speaks Out ET

The controversy over the Emmy Awards' decision to single out five recently departed television figures for tribute appears to be spreading, with the son of "Dallas" star Larry Hagman expressing "disappointment," reports ET Online.

Hagman, who starred in "I Dream of Jeannie" before becoming the iconic TV character J.R. Ewing on "Dallas," died Nov. 23, 2012, at 81 of complications from leukemia. He was included in the "In Memoriam" segment of Sunday's Emmys ceremony, but was not one of the five TV people singled out for individual tributes.

As previously reported, the son of Jack Klugman, Adam Klugman, said his father's omission from the individual tributes was "criminal." Jack Klugman, a three-time Emmy winner, was passed over in favor of relative newcomer Cory Monteith of "Glee" and four others who were honored individually.

The individual tributes were something new the Emmys producers tried this year. Klugman, Hagman and other recently departed stars were included in the ceremony's traditional "In Memoriam" montage.

Preston Hagman, the son of Larry Hagman, said he felt the three seconds given to his father in the montage was "short." He added, "I think all of them were short. If you are going to honor [the 'In Memoriam' recipients], honor them with the respect and dignity that they portrayed. Do it for everyone.

"These are very talented people. The actors that they’re honoring have done so much for the industry. ... If you're going to respect and recognize them, then do it correctly."

Hagman said while he was watching the Emmys he felt "disappointment. Again, I think my dad was a trailblazer in the industry to set the stage for other actors. So it's not anger, it's definitely disappointment, for what he contributed to the profession."

The report adds: "Other stars fondly remembered in the 'In Memoriam' montage included Dennis Farina, Annette Funicello, Conrad Bain, Lee Thompson Young, Eileen Brennan, Bonnie Franklin, Jeanne Cooper, Allan Arbus, Charles Durning, Alex Karras, Julie Harris, Andy Williams and Roger Ebert."

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