From Our 'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished' File: L.A. City Attorney Accused of Jury Tampering on Case. The Juror Involved? Tom Hanks. Yep, Two-Time Oscar Winner Tom Hanks LA Daily News

"Even when he’s trying to just fit in, actor Tom Hanks seems to become the center of attention," reports Ric Orlov in the Los Angeles Daily News.

The story continues, "The two-time Oscar winner was serving on a jury for a domestic violence case in downtown Los Angeles this week when the case was suddenly settled on Wednesday amid allegations of jury tampering.

"The alleged tampering happened when a staff member with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office approached Hanks during a break to offer her thanks for his serving on the jury, according to the defense attorney on the case."

The article adds, "'She might have been a little star-struck or was just being nice, but it’s an absolute no-no to approach a juror,' said Andrew Flier, the attorney for defendant Oleh Yemets."

The article explains what happened next: "Yemets was facing up to a year in jail and potential deportation to Russia if convicted of the accusations of a misdemeanor attack on his girlfriend. Instead, after the Hanks incident was disclosed, raising questions about jury tampering, a deal was struck under which Yemets agreed to pay a $150 fine to a charge of disturbing the peace."

It's not known how Hanks would have voted on the case had it eventually been given to the jury to decide.