Recent Product May Get Kicked Off TV, Cutting Off a Revenue Source for Networks Ad Age

A recently developed product that has been advertising on television may be banned from the medium, Advertising Age reports. The Food and Drug Administration is expected to take a position next month on e-cigarettes, which have led a historic return to TV for tobacco companies.

Spending on e-cigarette commercials rose almost 18% from 2011 to 2012, according to a Citibank report cited by the publication.

The FDA is likely to propose a ban on TV ads for the products, according to a report from the financial services group CLSA Americas, the story adds.

Because the market for e-cigs isn't regulated, their proliferation has allowed the return of Big Tobacco to television after more than 40 years, the piece points out.

Lorillard's Blu e-cigarette features Jenny McCarthy in its campaign, while Reynolds American is preparing a TV campaign to air in Colorado for its e-cigarette Vuse.

The FDA said it couldn't comment on the contents of an upcoming proposal to regulate the market, the report notes.