Veteran Game Show Host Gets Political With Twitter Rants LA Times

In the "what have they been up to lately" category, a veteran game show host is revealing a different aspect of himself these days. Original "Wheel of Fortune" host Chuck Woolery has been letting loose on Twitter with outspoken political views, reports the Los Angeles Times' Show Tracker.

"At age 72, the conservative game show host has become a prolific tweeter, with more than 67,000 followers. Unlike most celebrities, he's also not afraid to lay out his political views. Again and again and again," the story notes.

His comments include views such as, "Progressives argument is Obamacare is the law of the land. My response. So what. We can fix that."

The Times piece comments: "Wow, do the people at Fox News know about this guy? He may be a little crinkly around the corners of his eyes, but mealy-mouthed he is not."

Woolery was a TV fixture for decades, with hosting jobs on "Love Connection," "Scrabble" and other shows.

chuck-woolery-wheel-of-fortune.jpgChuck Woolery in his "Wheel of Fortune" days