Wait a Minute: Why Is This Show on Animal Planet? Deadline

A reality series about five Orange County, Calif., women who travel to Alaska has been ordered by Animal Planet, reports

Called "Alaska Gold Diggers," the project is about SaraJane “SJ” Bartholomae of Newport Beach, Calif., who inherited two gold mines from her father.

Bartholomae and her four adult daughters travel to Nome and Fairbanks in an effort to revive the family's mines, which were abandoned after her father's death. Her father was murdered when Bartholomae was a child.

At the same time, gold prices are reaching an all-time high, but the Alaska winter is only six weeks away.

"It’s more than just a fish-out-of-water story -- these women have grit and gumption, and will stop at nothing until they realize their father and grandfather’s dream of striking it rich in one of the harshest terrains on the planet,” said Jenny Daly, T Group president, who is executive producing.