Wildfire Threatens Set for Beloved 1970s-1980s TV Show Daily Mail

Part of Hollywood history is at risk, with the Rim Fire near Yosemite National Park close to reaching a ranch that was used as a location for the classic NBC TV series "Little House on the Prairie," reports the U.K. publication The Daily Mail.

The wildfire is close to the ranch that was featured on the show, the story says. Michael Landon played a character named Charles Ingalls on the show, and it turns out that another Ingalls family now lives on the ranch. In a coincidence, the Ingalls family settled the land, and descendants still reside there, the story reports.

The wildfire has destroyed 187,000 acres of brush and timber along with 111 structures, the piece adds, with firefighters projecting that they will have it contained by Sept. 10. The real Ingalls family plans to stay at the ranch and wait out the fire, according to the report.

"Little House on the Prairie," which also starred Melissa Gilbert, Karen Grassle and Melissa Sue Anderson, aired on NBC from 1974-1983.