Did ABC Blow It by Canceling Series? Now the Network May Revive the Show Deadline

ABC may have some regrets about canceling a series, and is reportedly considering bringing it back. Writing on, Nellie Andreeva reports that the network may try to revive the crime drama "Body of Proof."

A decision is expected within the next month on whether the show will return at midseason, Andreeva reports, noting that the decision will take into account how many new ABC series will stay on the air beyond fall.

"As 'Body of Proof'’s' cast, writers and crew have all moved on following the May cancellation (showrunner Evan Katz is executive producing Fox’s '24: Live Another Day'), there is a lot of work to be done to re-assemble a team and bring back star Dana Delany to be able to get the show up and running for midseason," Andreeva writes.

The show's original cancellation was a "head-scratcher," she adds.

The drama had improved its ratings in the second half of its most recent run, meaning that the network shut down a series with an average audience of 11 million viewers. That was the third-largest audience for an ABC drama series last season, the story points out.

Andreeva writes: "Additionally, 'Body of Proof' had won the California tax credit lottery, helping keep its production costs manageable. With the cancellation, those incentives are now gone, so the producers must figure out another way to make the series financially appealing," such as moving production to another state.

"But most of all, the cancellation deprived ABC of a reliable drama backup, which would’ve come in handy when 'Lucky 7' fizzled in 'Body of Proof'‘s' Tuesday 10 p.m. slot," she adds.

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