Failed Pilots Have a New Place to Go to Die Deadline, YouTube

It used to be that failed pilots were shuffled off to die alone, but that's not the case any longer, writes Lisa de Moraes at

The new fate of failed pilots seems to be to die online. Two failed pilots have been put on the Internet in the past two weeks, including a 2012 pilot called "Susan 313," starring Sarah Silverman.

Based on the comedian's life, the pilot is about a woman who moves back into her old apartment after her long-term relationship ends. The half-hour comedy is posted on and also appears on YouTube ... and you can watch it below.

The other pilot is "Super Clyde," from Greg Garcia. The project followed a shy comic book fan who inherits money and turns himself into a superhero. "Super Clyde" is available on and also appears on other online video sites, and can be seen below.

"Susan 313" ...

"Super Clyde" ...