In Rare Move CBS Makes a Pilot It Didn't Pick Up -- Featuring One of the Stars of the 'Harry Potter' Films -- Available for Millions to Watch, CBS

Most pilots that the networks don't pick up never see the light of day. Or, at best, they may be run once over the summer.

But CBS has made one of the pilots it didn't pick up this fall available for millions to see, according to our friend Nellie Andreeva at

Writes Andreeva: "In a rare exception, CBS has put Greg Garcia‘s single-camera pilot 'Super Clyde' up online. ... The move is a result from a request by Garcia, who sent out an email announcing the pilot’s availability. 'Super Clyde' was one of two pilots Garcia had at CBS this past season, with the other, the multicamera 'The Millers,' getting a series order."

The story adds: " 'Super Clyde' stars 'Harry Potter's' Rupert Grint (who played Ron Weasley) as a shy comic book fanatic who discovers his calling after he inherits millions of dollars from his eccentric uncle."

You can watch "Super Clyde" by clicking here.