'Longest-Running Scripted Show in Television History' Is Renewed NY Times

A TV show that has been on the air for a quarter of a century will continue for at least one more season. The New York Times' Arts Beat reports that Fox renewed "The Simpsons" for a 26th season.

The renewal squashed speculation that the 25th season, which started last month, would be its last.

"Such speculation commonly surrounds long-running shows like 'The Simpsons,' which had its premiere on Fox in 1989 and raised the profile of the young network," the article notes.

Still, "The Simpsons" continues to pull viewers and make money for Fox and the studio behind the show, 20th Century Fox Television, the piece points out.

“This groundbreaking series is not only the longest-running scripted show in television history, it’s one of the greatest sitcoms of our time, and I’m looking forward to yet another landmark season,” Fox Broadcasting entertainment chief Kevin Reilly said.

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