Zombie TV Drama, Thought Dead and Buried, Has Become Undead; TVWeek; Daily Motion

A zombie TV drama that was once made into a pilot and then killed without being picked up, has been resurrected, reports our friend Nellie Andreeva at

Long before AMC’s smash hit "The Walking Dead," there was "the 2007 CBS/20th Century Fox TV pilot 'Babylon Fields,' " writes Andreeva.

With the huge popularity of "The Walking Dead," it's not surprising that there is interest once again in "Babylon Fields."

According to Andreeva's story, " 'Babylon Fields' is getting a second chance," this time at NBC, which has ordered a new pilot of the show.

The first time around the show was from Michael Cuesta, Gerald Cuesta and Michael Atkinson, [and was] about a town’s residents coming back from the dead," the story notes.

The article continues, "The Cuesta brothers and Atkinson are back in their original roles as writers (Gerald Cuesta, Atkinson) and director (Michael Cuesta). The three will executive produce for 20th Century Fox TV. As part of the new pilot order, Michael Cuesta has inked a two-year overall deal with the studio."

Andreeva writes, "While pilots come and go, very few have had the staying power of the original  'Babylon Fields.' Clips and the entire pilot surfaced online soon after it got the pass by CBS."

One of those who helped spread the word about 'Babylon Fields" at the time was then TVWeek TV reporter James Hibberd, who, in one classic article, began his TVWeek story with the line "Zombie sex on CBS."

We aren't sure what happened to the video clips that accompanied Hibberd's article at the time, but if you click on the video below you'll see the complete unsold 2007 pilot of "Babylon Fields."

Babylon Fields [2007][Unsold Pilot] by UnknownArchiveTV