'America's Got Talent' Re-Ups Judge Deadline

“America’s Got Talent” will bring back one of its celebrity judges for another stint on the NBC talent show. reports that the show has signed Howard Stern for a third season.

The shock jock is set to return to the judges’ table next summer, the story reports.

Stern broke the news on his SiriusXM radio show, saying, “It started out as a goof. Now it’s becoming a job.” Stern was hired to replace Piers Morgan in 2011, and the production moved to New York City from Los Angeles to accommodate Stern.

Even though he praised NBC for being flexible about his desire to remain in New York and limit his travel, he told listeners that it wasn't an easy decision whether to return to the show.

“I really, really did struggle with this decision because I’ve been working a long time. I really wanted to decide if this was going to take away too much free time. Did I really still enjoy doing it? Did I have something to say? Is it something I should be involved with still?” he said.

howard stern.jpgHoward Stern