Charlie Sheen Says He Wants to 'Make Amends' With Former Boss Chuck Lorre THR

Actor Charlie Sheen, who was fired from CBS's "Two and a Half Men," wrote on Twitter that he wants to "make amends" with his former boss Chuck Lorre, The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed reports.

Sheen also noted that he has an "idea" to run by Lorre, which suggests his desire to make up might be motivated by looking for a job, the story notes. Lorre, the creator of "Two and a Half Men" along with a number of other hit shows including "The Big Bang Theory," doesn't have a Twitter account, the piece adds.

After unleashing a series of public insults against Lorre during Sheen's high-profile meltdown in 2011, Sheen was fired from "Men." The actor, who now stars in FX's "Anger Management," later named Lorre as a defendant in a lawsuit against the show's producers.

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