China Weighs In as Controversy Widens Over Jimmy Kimmel Skit THR

The controversy over a satirical skit on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" appears to be growing larger, with China's Foreign Ministry now demanding an additional apology from ABC, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As previously reported, both Kimmel and ABC have apologized for the skit, in which a child suggested the United States should "kill everyone in China" to get rid of the country's debt. A petition at, which has received more than 100,000 signatures, will now receive an official administration response.

On Monday, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters, "ABC should face up to its mistake, and respond with a sincere attitude to the reasonable demands by Chinese people in America, and prevent a similar incident from occurring again," according to THR.

The skit and its backlash have been covered in China, with links to the skit circulating online in the country, the report notes. The People's Daily, the government mouthpiece, has published stories with headlines such as "ABC Apology Fails to Appease Chinese Americans" and "American Broadcaster Urged to Acknowledge Misconduct," the story adds.

ABC issued a second apology Friday, saying: "The simple fact is, the segment should never have been broadcast. Systems we have in place for these types of things did not function properly, and steps have been made to try and prevent this kind of egregious mistake from occurring in the future."

Kimmel has also apologized, both on TV and in person at the protests, with more than 1,000 people picketing the ABC building Saturday in Burbank.

A clip of the original skit can be seen by clicking here.