Fake Emergency Alert System Warning in 'Conan' Promo Gets TBS in Trouble With FCC B&C

TBS is facing a fine from the Federal Communications Commission after the network used a fake Emergency Alert System alarm during an ad for "Conan," B&C reports.

The FCC Enforcement Bureau Acting Chief Robert H. Radcliffe said the proposed $25,000 fine sends a "strong message." He added, "It is inexcusable to trivialize the sounds specifically used to notify viewers of the dangers of an incoming tornado or to alert them to be on the lookout for a kidnapped child, merely to advertise a talk show or a clothing store."

Radcliffe added that such fake alerts are in "clear violation of the law."

Turner said the promo was produced under a tight deadline and that it wasn't submitted to standards and practices, B&C notes. That is now standard procedure for similar "Conan" promos, the piece adds.

While the regular fine for such violations is $8,000, the FCC increased it because the ad was aired in both the East and West Coast feeds, indicating a willful and repeated violation, the story says.