How Can You Get HBO Without Cable? Here's How, Step by Step WSJ, NY Magazine

Most television shows are still available to cord-cutters, via services such as iTunes or, which allow purchases of recent episodes, but one network has held out: HBO, reports The Wall Street Journal's Martin Peers.

Peers warns, however, that the process is not easy -- nor is it cheap.

Peers writes: "While someone willing to wait a few months could rent a DVD or buy an episode on iTunes, diehard fans who want to catch the latest episode of 'Boardwalk Empire' or 'Game of Thrones' as soon as it is available have had little choice but to subscribe to pay TV. (Well, they could engage in piracy, but that’s another story.)"

But Peers adds that he "can report a triumph of the modern media age: Last Friday I became a cord cutter who is getting HBO."

As summed up by New York Magazine's Vulture, here's how Peers did it:

• Be a Verizon FiOS customer.
• Cancel your cable set-top box service.
• Keep your super-fast (and pricey) broadband service and basic channel package.
• Pay a promotional $10-per-year price for HBO access.
• Speak to a lackadaisical customer-service representative who really doesn't care whether or not you have a cable set-top box to properly access HBO through.
• Watch HBO on your laptop or TV through HBO Go. Be a hero to your children.
• Hope that this isn't just a loophole that Verizon is working to immediately close.
• Still pay $85 a month to watch 'Boardwalk Empire.'

Peers sums up: "So far, I couldn’t claim to be saving boatloads of money -- maybe $40 a month, not peanuts. But finally I’m only paying for what I watch, which is the point. That in my mind is value for money."

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