It's Not Your Imagination That Movies Are Getting More Violent. And Get This: Study Says Movies Rated PG-13 Are More Violent Than R-Rated Ones! LA Times

"A Rapid-Fire Surge in PG Violence" screamed one of the front-page headlines in the Los Angeles TImes on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013.

The story, by John Horn and Steven Zeitchik, begins: "When the first 'Die Hard' and 'Terminator' movies landed in theaters in the 1980s, both were rated R. But their sequels arrived with PG-13 marks -- even though the level of violence had actually escalated.

"Critics have blasted Hollywood's movie ratings for years, claiming that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) takes a prudish view of sex and foul language but a very liberal one when it comes to mayhem and bloodshed."

The story continues: "A new report provides strong evidence for that critique, concluding that gunplay has tripled within PG-13 films since 1985, the first full year the rating was used. Last year, PG-13 films were actually more violent than films rated R."

Adds the article: " 'We were absolutely stunned,' said Brad Bushman of Ohio State University, co-author of the report published Monday in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 'The MPAA website clearly says that R-rated films contain more violence. But PG-13 films now contain significantly more violence than R-rated films.' The MPAA declined to comment."

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