Kathie Lee Gifford Says 'Today' Segment Was 'Crap' Before She Arrived TheWrap

Kathie Lee Gifford was joined by her "Today" co-host Hoda Kotb on her new podcast, and talked about how their segment -- prior to Gifford's arrival -- was "crap," reports

Kotb agreed that the segment wasn't interesting, the story says, with the co-host calling it a "bore snore."

The fourth hour of "Today" was hosted by Kotb, Natalie Morales and former "Today" anchor Ann Curry from 2007 until Gifford joined in 2008. She replaced Curry and Morales.

Gifford added that she was hesitant to join the show because she was "afraid of being bored," the story says.

“I turned it on and it was basically a discussion of what white shirt holds up best in the wash,” Gifford said of show. “Thank goodness I don’t keep a gun handy or I would have shot myself. It was deadly, it was awful, it was boring and I told ["Today" executive producer] Jim Bell that.”

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